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Architectural Plans

When you Partner with us our team of Architects & Structural engineers work closely with you to determine the specific needs for your project. We produce layout designs and as-built drawings for our client for a variety of construction projects ranging from Residential, Commercial , Industrial, Roads to structural design

Construction & Renovations

We carryout any kind of Construction and renovations ranging from Residential, commercial building to Road construction, Our team of the expertise is commitment to work with our client from project inception to completion to achieve your goals. Besides hiring specialized subcontractors for unique duties as a general contractor;

Electrical Installation

We carryout any kind of electrical installation of residential, Industrial and commercial buildings and also maintenance of overhead low -voltage and high – voltage power lines. Due to increased demand for power/energy we have heavily invested in that sector, we supply electrical materials from electric wiring cables to electrical appliances

Plumbing Installation

No matter what your plumbing needs, you can count on us to provide quality professional plumbing services. No job is too big or too small—from the leaky toilet to the bursting sewer pipe in the front yard, We fix it all! Whether you need new plumbing equipment installed or existing equipment repaired, we’re here to help. We offer a full rage of plumbing services, including plumbing installation, repair and replacement

Roof Construction

We do this with sense of value to the appearance of your house since it attracts the first sight we there for have team of experts who work with our clients to ensure that they have the best trending designs at a friendly price putting quality in mind. We repair and Replacement all types of residential and commercial roofing.

Road Construction & Maintenance

For years we have been able to meet region’s insatiable demand for improved infrastructure, in intergrated resources and committed team of experts the client is granted attainment of project goals Converge remains safety oriented, financially sound, highly motivated , professionally managed and strategically positioned.

Swimming Pool Construction

At Converge Technologies & Construction Co. we are ready to make your pool fun to use by eliminating the stress of maintaining it. We are ready to find a maintenance plan that fits your needs, As team of highly trained and experienced service technicians, we are never happy with a job until we are positive you will love what we have done.We handle every type of pool construction, maintenance, renovation, and repair need.

Project Management

We provide a double pronged method, Construction Manager as Agent and Construction Manager as Contractor , for larger, complex projects we effectively placing construction managers to draft agreements between owners and trade contractors, acting as consultants or agents of owner. The construction manager coordinates onsite work, ensuring timely completion while enforcing safety and quality control standards.

Land Surveying & Title Processing

Converge Technologies & Construction Company we have our own team of qualified surveyors who are equipped with all surveying equipments like total stations, dumpy levels , theodolites etc, to ensure that quality work is done. We have undertaken projects ranging buildings, road surveys and we also help in processing land titles.