Our Team

Top Notch Office Staff And Agents

General Manager

Jonathan He Oversees Daily Business Activities, Improving Overall Business Functions, Training Heads Of Departments, Managing Budgets, Developing Strategic Plans, Creating Policies, And Communicating Business Goals.And Manages All Efforts For The Converge’s Market.

Project Manager

Brian Liaising With Other Managers To Formulate Objectives And Understand Requirements. Estimating Costs And Preparing Budgets. Organizing Workflow To Meet Specifications And Deadlines.


Ntalo Robert Has Passion For The Construction Industry, And A Commitment To Make It The Best It Can Be By Building Trusting And Transparent Relationships

Accounting Officer

Alex Manages The Financial Bookkeeping Of A Business. He Processes Invoices, Records Payments, And Track Expenses Of The Organization. In Some Cases, Supervises Other Staff Members Who Assist With The Bookkeeping Duties.,Oversees Finance, Accounting, Information Technology, Risk Management, And Conevrge’s Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries..

Business Development

Contacting Potential Clients To Establish Rapport And Arrange Meetings. Planning And Overseeing New Marketing Initiatives. Researching Organizations And Individuals To Find New Opportunities. Increasing The Value Of Current Customers While Attracting New Ones


Andrew Is Responsible For Preventing Accidents In Business And Job Sites. He Create Programs Such As Company Policies, Investigate In Cases Of Accidents, And Implement Post-Injury Follow Up Procedures For Workers.